Members of Gargrave Village Hall committee organise one of the monthly Flea Market, Vintage, Collectible and Craft fairs; generally mid month.

The 2020 fairs will take place on the following dates:

  • Sunday 15th March
  • Sunday 12th April
  • Monday 13th April
  • Sunday 10th May
  • Sunday 14th June
  • Sunday 12th July
  • Monday 31st August
  • Sunday 13th September
  • Sunday 11th October
  • Sunday 15th November
  • Sunday 13th December

For more information call Caroline on 07989 585564.

Broadway fairs also organise similar fairs on the last Sunday of every month. For more information on these please call Sheila on 01757 229805.

The 2020 dates can be found below:

  • Sunday 26th January
  • Sunday 23rd February
  • Sunday 29th March
  • Sunday 26th April
  • Sunday 17th May (Vintage fair)
  • Sunday 31st May
  • Sunday 28th June
  • Sunday 26th July
  • Sunday 30th August
  • Sunday 27th September
  • Sunday 25th October
  • Sunday 1st November (Vintage fair)
  • Sunday 29th November