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Closure update – 11/07/20 and new Library Service

We do hope that everyone has kept well and safe during this difficult period.

The Village Hall is still currently closed and it is anticipated that it is likely to remain so for some weeks. The relaxation of rules for the re-opening of Halls and Community Buildings have been announced but there are many restrictions to comply with and risk assessments to compile and the decision to re-open will only be taken when members of the Gargrave Village Hall Committee feel they are fully compliant with all the restrictions. Please be patient if you are a Hirer as the Committee  are working constantly towards a safe re-opening for all.


It may be likely that events  held  within the Village Hall will return in stages, with low risk/small group bookings returning to some normality first. The Snooker Club may well open its doors before too long as it is entirely self contained. A date for this will be announced as soon as possible.

Events which attract larger groups of people may return at a later stage, these will include Book Fairs and Flea Markets.

We have a large store of books on all subjects which would normally be sold at Coffee Mornings and the Fairs and we would like to continue selling these to raise funds for the Village Hall. Therefore if you have any requests for specific books/authors please contact, 01756 749235 or drop a list off through the Village Hall letter box. It can be arranged that books may be collected from the Village Hall entrance or if anyone is still self isolating (  Gargrave Village only ) they can be left on your doorstep. Postal delivery may also be considered. Pre lockdown prices remain in place, only 50p each for Paperbacks and a £1.00 for hardbacks. Cash only on collection please. A handful of titles available will be listed on the website Post on a weekly basis and also in the noticeboard at the Hall. We also have a variety of CD`s.

With the shutdown of the Flea Markets the regular Manorlands stall has also been unable to operate so please if you have any general requests for certain items of Bric a Brac, Household items, DVD`s etc you may also use the above contacts and  items may also be collected from the Village Hall. Again cash sales only please.

This weeks featured books FOR SALE  - The Grass Widow and her Cow by Barbara Paynter, an account of Country Life in Wartime Britain. £1.00

Bertie ,May and Mrs. Fish by Xandra Bingley, Country memories of wartime 50p.

Three novels by best selling author Annie Murray : Girls in tin helmets, The Silversmiths daughter and A Hopscotch Summer.  50p each.

Two novels by The Sunday Times best selling author, Val Wood: Homecoming Girls and Four Sisters. 50p each.

DVD`s: Mad Men. Seasons One and Three , three disc set in each. £1.00 each set with proceeds for Manorlands.

GREAT NEWS FROM THE VOLUNTEERS AT GARGRAVE AND MALHAMDALE COMMUNITY LIBRARY - They are pleased to announce that they can now offer a restricted Library service following guidelines laid down by North Yorkshire County Council. A click and collect service will be offered, customers are requested to contact 01756 749489 or email to ask for a particular type of book(s). A Library Volunteer who has previous experience in choosing books on behalf of borrowers will then select the relevant books. They will be placed in paper carriers with the customers name attached and the customer will be advised on the collection time. A delay of a seventy two hour quarantine period is required from ordering to collecting. On collection day, the carriers will be placed on a table in the Village Hall entrance lobby. A Volunteer will be on duty in the lobby to monitor the service and another volunteer will be available in the Library to answer queries. It will be a one in one out system. Hand sanitiser will be available and the outside door will be kept open. Books can be returned at the same time. These will have to be stored in boxes for the quarantine period before they can be re-shelved. The two metre social distancing will still be in operation.

It is anticipated that the use of the Computer and photocopier will be available from the 13th July. This will be by appointment only as one person will be allowed in the Library to use the equipment and only for a thirty minute session. Please use the same contact details as per the Click and Collect service.

It is also possible that from the 27th July, browsing within the Library will be allowed.



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