The classes at Gargrave Village Hall are based on a gentle style of Hatha Yoga which works on the whole body. 
This little known approach is ancient and traditional and has been passed down through many generations. It differs markedly from many of the well-known styles of Hatha Yoga. The emphasis is very much on the breath. 
Students are encouraged to listen to the body and sensations to unfold naturally as they gently stretch and open. There are no goals or intensions and nothing is forced or hurried. Hatha Yoga can bring many benefits to body, mind and spirit. Among the benefits are stress relief, increased energy levels, improved muscle tone and balance to the energy of the spine.
We discover feelings of space and lightness as we leave heaviness and tension behind. The practice brings peace, stillness and harmony to every level of our being.
No previous experience of any Yoga is necessary as all the postures can be modified to suit beginners, and all ages.
The classes take place every Wednesday morning between 9.30 and 11.30 in the Village Hall Annex .
Each six week session is £50 but individual classes can be purchased for £10 each and more information can be obtained from either Sally Jennings on 01756 461616 or Corinne Docherty (a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher) on 07752 052707.